OZ Slide

Introducing the all-new OZ SLIDE, an innovative pod vaping system with the World’s First Side Sliding Pod Cartridge Replacement feature. Brought to you by the guys from OZ Drips, we have been in the vape/e-cigarette scene since 2016 producing & distributing premium Australian developed e-liquids.

With continued passion, we always envisioned ourselves venturing into vaping mod industry. Enter our very first pod vaping system, OZ SLIDE. A product that has over a year’s worth of R&D, design and refinement in perfecting user performance.

This mouth to lung (MTL) vaping mod features the World’s First Side Sliding Pod Cartridge Replacement, a unique LED display and delivered in either a Pristine Silver or Black Stainless Steel finish. Being a MTL mod, it is a great starting point for new vapers that makes the switch; or for experienced vapers who prefer vaping MTL style.

available in colors

Pod Cartridge Flavours

With the launch of our brand new OZ SLIDE pod vaping system, it is only natural to pair the both together with some quality nicotine salts based e-liquids given our background.

Developed in Australia, we present you with 4 NEW fruit flavoured e-liquids that comes pre-filled in our unique pod cartridges. All our e-liquids are produced with Australian derived flavourings and other quality ingredients. 

Our pre-filled unique pod cartridges have been designed to be used with our OZ SLIDE device. They are available in packs of 4 x 1.5ml and are blended with 2.5% Nicotine Salts.


BLUEBERRY – Our take on the sweet juicy ‘Superfruit’.

GRAPE – Everybody gotta love that purple drink.

WATERMELON – Nothing says ‘Summer’ quite like our Refreshing Red Watermelons.

LEMON – Just the way you like it, tangy & zesty.


- This product CONTAINS NICOTINE. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

- This device is intended for personal use only.  

- This device is NOT INTENDED for minors under 18 years old and in some countries, under 21 years old. It is the distributors’/retailers’ responsibility to ensure legal requirements are met where point of sale takes place. This product is NOT INTENDED for sale in Australia.

- If you are new to or transitioning to vaping, we RECOMMEND all users start slow and familiarise yourself with the product with small puffs and gradually increasing from there.

- The use of this device is NOT INTENDED for pregnant or lactating women.

- The use of this device is NOT INTENDED for anyone at risk of cardiovascular diseases (ie. hypertension, high blood sugar, related ailments, etc.) or is known to have sensitivity to nicotine.

- Ensure the device remains OUT OF REACH from children and keep WELL AWAY from pets at all times.

- The device is NOT INTENDED for use where the failure of the device could lead to death, personal injury, or severe environmental damage.

- It is understood that the usage of this device is at the user’s risk and SHALL NOT hold the brand company, manufacturer, designer, distributor or seller liable for injuries, damages, death and/or any claims whatsoever relating to the usage of this device.

- The brand manufacturer is NOT LIABLE for performance issues, incompatibilities or failure caused by the user modifying the device or pod cartridge. Carrying out such actions may cause your device to work improperly.

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